Preparing for the 2019 Season

Preparing for the 2019 Season

With the start of the 2019 LCS season on the horizon, we wanted to give a sneak peak of our new state-of-the-art training facility in downtown Culver City. One of those improvements is to provide a better work/life environment for our players. We spent most of summer split and the offseason researching and building out a plan for our new training facility and our player housing.

We want to provide the best combination of home/work life balance for our players, so they can be at their best for every minute of practice and step away from work to amenities and options that refresh them and get them ready for the next day.

The facility is being customized for us inside of a newly renovated building with the help of a top-tier architectural firm. We will combine flavors of the Bay Area and Summoner’s Rift to create a world-class headquarters that focuses on player performance. Some of the great features in the facility include space for the LCS team and Academy teams to play side-by-side to allow for easy practice, a dedicated vod review room, indoor and outdoor lounge areas, and a kitchen fully stocked with snacks and drinks.

Being in Downtown Culver City makes the player life as convenient as possible, tying together the main activities of our players (gym, office, many restaurants, movie theater, and boba) all within a close walking distance that promotes our players getting out into the world and away from the computer for at least a little while.

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